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Manseng Noir


Its deep purple color reveals a fruity and spicy nose of great complexity. The mouth is just as disconcerting with a depth without excess, ripe tannins present without aggressiveness.



This cuvée is the culmination of a project that has matured for more than 10 years. From our first tastings to our first vinifications, we went through moments of doubt (due to the lack of knowledge about this forgotten grape), climatic hazards including two frosts, until in 2019 we obtained our first 100% Manseng Noir cuvée

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12,95 €

à l'unité
10,80 € à partir de 6

100% Manseng Noir


10€ et 13 €

Serve at 12 ° to 18 ° as an accompaniment to spicy dishes and meats with a bit of character: lamb, Gascon black pork


6 years



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